Yaqui ,,

Yaqui Dancer (Argia carlcooki, Daigle 1995)

The Yaqui Dancer, Argia carlcooki was recently found in the State of Sonora, Mexico and in Arizona. The Arizona record pertains to a male and a pair that were photographed at San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge, SE Cochise County, Arizona. The refuge is on the Yaqui River drainage, as were some of the collecting sites in Sonora. These records are being published* in Argia, the newsletter of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas (DSA). Because of space limitations, not all  photos of carlcooki or its habitat could be included in the article. We will add more photos as they become available

Argia carlcooki, male; San Bernardino NWR, Cochise County, AZ., 8-IX-98. First U.S. record.  (Robert A. Behrstock)

Argia carlcooki, tandem pair; small creek 2 km E of Yecora, Yecora municipio, Sonora Mexico,         3-VI-03 (Doug Danforth)

Argia carlcooki, male; El Cajon, Rio Guirocoba, Alamos municipio, Sonora Mexico, 1-IX-06        (Robert A. Behrstock)

Statue of Yaqui Dancer, Obregon, Sonora, Mexico (Robert A. Behrstock)

Argia carlcooki habitat. Mexico Hwy. 16 at Tepoca, Sonora, 1,870' elev. 17 June 2004 (Robert A. Behrstock)

Argia carlcooki; habitat. El Cajon, Rio Guirocoba, Alamos municipio, Sonora Mexico, 1-IX-06 (Robert A. Behrstock)

The Yaqui River south of Sahuaripa, Sonora. 28 June 2004 (Robert A. Behrstock)

*Behrstock, R.A., D. Danforth, and S. Upson. 2004. Yaqui Dancer (Argia carlcooki, Daigle 1995), new distributional records for northern Mexico and the U.S. Argia 16(2): 11-16 and back cover

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